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The following information refers to the loan referral service of Fast Finance Finder, which is a complimentary benefit of our FREE membership.

(unsecured credit transactions) Initiation fees: R150 per agreement plus 10% of the amount of the agreement in excess of R1000 but never to exceed R1000 Interest rates :RR X 2.2 + 20% per year.Maximum APR = (RR x 1.7) + 15% per year
Minimum period offered by registered credit providers: 6 (Six) Months
Maximum Period offered by registered credit providers : 60 (Sixty) Months
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 27% (Repo Rate + 21%)

It is important however that you repay the loan on the agreed date. On the repayment date the lender will try to collect the full amount from your bank account. If this is unsuccessful due to you not having sufficient funds in your account, the lender will make subsequent attempts to collect all or part of the money. If you are likely to experience any issues with repayment it is important to contact the lender as soon as possible.If no resolution has been found the next step is to pass your account to a debt collection agency where additional fees may be encountered.

Lenders permits a second loan only after three successful payments.

Loan amount: R50 000
Term: 36 month
Services Fee: R1000
APR (10.71%): R8681
Total Instalment: R1630
Total Amount Payable: R59 716

Fast Finance Finder Membership Agreement